Braided Rugs Have A Unique Texture

For the eco-conscious, it’s definitely worth investing in a recyclable rug. Cats tend to claw at almost anything, but investing in a nylon fiber carpet and at least one scratching post can help deter them from ruining your rug. Carpeting made from nylon fibers is the most popular because it’s durable, stain-resistant and affordable, making it the most suitable for households with kids and pets. A wide variety of colors and patterns are available, so take your time when making a decision. And then you can add rug making to your list of skills! Carpet can also be difficult to clean, holds odors like pet urine and typically wears out within about 10 years, so you’ll need to re-carpet — and sometimes not just the one room with the really worn carpet, but the entire house, persian area rug 4×6 depending on where the carpet runs. Some colors or patterns hide pet hair better than others, so consider this when choosing new carpet, too. Patterns That Fit You. Make any space warm and welcoming with Anthropologie’s curated collection of area rugs, doormats, and runners. It’s helpful to think about how you use a certain room day to day, and what kind of rug might suit your needs in that space. If it looks like its dying from wear and tear, caring for it more than the others might be required to preserve its role in your home. See more pet pictures. Carpets made just for pets: Some carpets have been specifically designed to prevent pet stains from soaking through to your carpet padding, where the moisture can foster bacteria and mold growth. Reduce your impact with recycled materials, such as carpets made from recycled water bottles. For example, you can buy swimming pool systems that disinfect the water in the pool by running it past a strong UV light. Light colors can make small rooms feel larger and more open, so try cream or tan if you’re feeling claustrophobic. For lots more information about choosing pet-friendly carpet, explore the links on the next page.

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